Sean - Coffs Harbour

Hi my name is Sean and I'm a survivor. Since I was a child I have battled depression, anger issues, drug addictions, mental abuse, suicide attempts and homicidal tendencies... I almost killed 3 people.

After many years of psychologists, psychiatrists and medications I believed nothing would work for me, I felt no change in me and that is when I decided to get a firearms license and was about to kill myself and my family... My sister introduced me to Jo Woodham.

I was extremely sceptical straight away, as I didn't believe in spirituality, God or anything to do with the 'universe', but with nothing left to loose I decided to be willing and open to the sessions Jo provided.

Jo Woodham saved my life. My past issues began disappearing fairly quickly and really without too much effort on my part, just an open mind. My life is awesome now and I'm finally living it the way I want after nearly 38 years of hell. Love you Jo!

Donna G. - Healing of my kidney

I was introduced to Jo 5 months ago and today I feel blessed to have her in my life. Jo has an amazing gift to share with her clients both in healing and spiritually.

I first met Jo with a serious illness in my kidney which, had I not had treatment for, believe I would have ended up in hospital. Jo worked on the healing process through channelling good energy, and guided visualisation resulting in wonderful health, and in control of my wellbeing.

I had a hernia and cyst on my kidney, I could hardly walk and in constant pain which doctors said only time would heal. I was declining rapidly in my health, loosing 12 kg in total weight and even had a medical procedure to try to release pressure off my kidney. The size of the hernia was 5cm , with the incredible treatment that Jo provides the hernia is now 1/4 size, and the cyst has reduced to barely there!

During this treatment I have also been through a messy seperation from my husband of 19 years and feel I am mentally strong and able to tackle situations because Jo has taught me to be true to myself and to trust my intuition. I now only allow people in my life whom show me love and support wihich is a lesson I have learnt through this whole process.

Jo has made and amazing difference in my life, the love and abilitlies she has is unique and special .which I hold close to my heart. I support her in her life's passion and I will continue with my treatments because for me, what Jo offers is a life changing experience.


There is a wonderful person in my life, better known as Jo Woodham from Raising Vibrations. Jo is an amazing spiritual healer who helps people live their optimum life. I have been attending sessions with Jo for the past 7 or so months and I can honestly say I barely recognise the person who first saw Jo all those months ago. Jo is a radiant being and a bright light whose amazing spirit shines from within. She is a gift from god to all of us who encounter her amazing spirit and I would love for everyone to meet with her and experience her magic. I do my best to tell everyone about her gift and once you've met her and experience how life changing her work is, you won't look back. Her healing sessions are something to write home about, and indeed, something to write to Oprah about, which I have done! Jo has given me my life back and is continuing to give me the tools so I can live the best life I can. I think, this is the best gift you can give anyone, no matter what your status in life and because I have been given this gift from Jo, I want to share this magic with everyone so others may live their best lives, with happiness in their life.

It is impossible to put into words the work Jo does, let us just say it's nothing short of magical and her sessions leave you feeling on top of the world with so much energy and clarity. I had some emotional "baggage" for want of a better word and Jo has been extremely helpful in putting all this baggage where it belongs ie not on my shoulders! Jo has a gentle, understanding and empathic nature, she is not judgemental and gives genuine guidance rather than opinions. Jo shows great passion and love for what she does, she is professional, extremely trustworthy and her confidentiality allows you to feel safe in her presence. I have been fortunate enough to experience both healing and massage (including Reiki) with Jo and can hand on heart say, it is also the best massage I have ever received.

Jo can help you live the best life you can possibly live, she brings out your true limitless potential and allows you to shine. You are worth it, make today the best day of your life by introducing yourself to Jo Woodham. Today is the day you can start living the rest of your optimum life! Congratulations in advance for giving yourself this gift, you deserve it!

Good luck and best wishes to you.

Sonia L

As a regular massage patient of Jo’s, I can not rave highly enough about her work and the effect she has not only physically but also mentally! I have been lucky enough to have all types of treatment experiences from Jo.

Her hand on massage is amazing! She concentrates on the knots and sore points without being too hard to stop you from relaxing. I always walk out of her massages feeling peaceful and like I want to curl up and go to sleep!!

As for Reiki… I had never had Reiki treatment before and it wasn’t what I had initially expected. It seemed to be that she just places her hands in certain areas and holds them there for a period of time… At first I wondered what she was doing, however after 10 minutes into treatment I was in such a deep relaxed state I thought I was about to start snoring! I honestly can not explain the sensation you experience while under Jo’s energy and also how rejuvenated you feel after a treatment. I actually now prefer to see Jo for Reiki treatment over her hands on massage!

After seeing Jo for a number of months I became more open to the spiritual side of her work and explained how I was having some problems in my personal life. She explained the process of cleansing to me, saying I may an entity or a negative energy attached to me which may be affecting how I feel and how I was able to cope with things. This made perfect sense as I was finding as soon as I was around the person I was having trouble with I was instantly in a bad mood and unable to continue with my own work as mentally I was so consumed by the situation I was in. It got to the point that I was getting so anxious prior to being placed in the situation that it started to affect everything else around me! Jo gave me techniques on how to release my anxiety and centre myself to be more confident and stop allowing this other person to drain me of all my energy. I had a clearing treatment with Jo where she assisted me by removing the negative entity that I had attached to me. The next time I was placed in the uncomfortable position I felt no anxiety or stress and was able just to not let the situation affect me personally. I still feel like I have control over myself and that I have the inner strength to not allow other people to affect my energy levels! It’s amazing what a difference it has made. I honestly find myself using the ‘tools’ she has taught me on a regular basis!

I hope that I have encouraged you to see Jo and experience her treatment as I promise you will not be disappointed...

Dana P.

Thank you so much Jo, you are a wonderful spiritual coach and a true inspiration. You have helped me immensely. I now realise the steps I need to take to love myself and let go of old belief patterns that were holding me back. Thank you!