Spiritual Healing

CandlesThis is a unique method for unblocking and releasing repressed pain, self limiting decisions and many other related negative emotions.

This truly is a remarkable treatment that will help you to recover emotionally and physically from some of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden onset of anxiety and depression
  • Mood & character shifts
  • Poor concentration
  • New phobias or new allergies
  • Different attitudes or prejudices
  • Hearing constant negative inner voices
  • Insomnia

If our energy is depleted, so is our life

Jo is a professional and full time Spiritual Healer who helps her clients heal and connect with the love and life that resonates within each and every one of us. As an extension of her abilities, Jo works in the paranormal realm, it is here that cases of possession and psychic attacks can be detected and rectified to bring back harmony to individuals, relationships and homes.

Spiritual Healing consists of:

  • 30 Minute holistic counselling with a cup of tea, followed by table time, consisting of Energy/Spiritual healing.


Initial Consultation $180 75 mins

Client receives cup of tea on arrival, followed but a consultation form to be completed, once filled, client will be greeted by Jo for assessment fie their personal and individual needs 

30 mins $95

45 mins $140

60 mins $160

75 mins $175

90 mins $220

120 mins $300

Couples Counselling $220


Prices vary subject to travel, within Queensland and Interstate.

24 hour Cancellation fee is applied, due to waiting list.