About Jo Woodham

Jo is a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher, with additional qualifications in Holistic Counselling, Pranic Healing, Relaxation/Swedish/Lymphatic Massage and Advanced Beauty Therapy. She is also qualified as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader.

Jo is a healer, facilitator, therapist and spiritual coach. Her vision is to help many people on their path to self discovery and to create a space where people can learn how incredibly wonderful they are. By teaching them to firstly love and accept themselves, Jo helps people to take charge of their own lives and rediscover their strengths, personal power and inner wisdom.

Jo is passionate about helping individuals, removing blockages and barriers, in order to help them to love themselves no matter what circumstances they happen to be going through. This can have a profound effect on one's life; here are some of the effects that you can have:

  • Instantly feel better,
  • A job prospect may open up that you want, 
  • Money and relationships improve, whereby negative effects dissolve and new ones begin.

Whether you are seeking a new path, wanting to find yourself or would like to leave behind old belief systems, you can 'expect change' at Raising Vibrations.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jo either by phone or via the contact page.

With love and peace to you,

Jo Woodham